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Washington Post: Migrants take long, winding road to reach EU gateway Hungary

This system would immediately collapse if the asylum seekers decided to stay here rather than going towards western Europe within a few days,” said Gabor Gyulai, refugee program coordinator for a Budapest-based human rights group called the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. Gyulai estimates that at least 80 percent leave Hungary within one to 10 days of arrival. He notes that, last year, Hungary granted full refugee rights to barely 500 people, rejecting 90 percent of applications, highest in the EU. Hungary’s right-wing leader, Viktor Orban, decries multiculturalism as a lie and proclaims a vision of deporting all skills-poor foreigners from Hungary someday.

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Gesetzesverschärfungen geplant

Aufgrund des drastischen Anstiegs der Asylbewerberzahlen in Ungarn  wird es in naher Zukunft wohl zu einigen weitreichenden Gesetzesverschärfungen kommen, darunter u.a.:

1. Inhaftierung aller irregulären Migranten/Asylsuchenden
2.  Durchführung der Verfahren innerhalb weniger Tage
3. Verpflichtung zur gemeinnützigen Arbeit

Ausführlich hierzu in diesem Artikel des Europäischen Flüchtligsrats (ECRE) und in dieser Presseinformation des Ungarischen Helsinki Komittees

Stimmungsmache gegen Flüchtlinge und Migranten

Die ungarische Regierung macht zunehmend Stimmung gegen Migranten und Flüchtlinge. Aus einer aktuellen Rede von Viktor Orbán:

Terrorist organizations recruit fighters to join their ranks from among immigrants living in the continent’s western part, while the southern borders of the EU – including our own state’s borders – are besieged by waves of modern-day migration, in the face of which increasingly frustrated states and governments are at a loss. And this is happening in an economic environment in which millions of Western European citizens feel that they have to work ever more for less money, just to keep their jobs. Europe is facing questions which can no longer be answered within the framework of liberal multiculturalism. Can we shelter people, many of whom are unwilling to accept European culture, or who come here with the intent of destroying European culture?

Orbán zu Flüchtlingen

In seinem Radiointerview [unterstellte] Orbán […], dass unter den Flüchtlingen „viele von Anwälten geschulte Leute“ seien, die „genau wüssten, wie man illegal Grenzen überschreitet und Asylverfahren in die Länge zieht.“ Ungarn sei zwar ein „christliches Land“, das „Mitleid“ mit wirklich politisch Verfolgten habe, wolle aber allen anderen „Fremden“ klar machen, dass man ihnen hier keine Existenz ermöglichen wird.

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Bericht des Menschenrechtsbeauftragten des Europarats

Hier der kürzlich erschienene Ungarn-Bericht des Menschenrechtsbeauftragten des Europarats, Nils Muižnieks. Dort heißt es u.a.:

The Commissioner remains particularly worried by the arbitrariness which characterises the asylum detention regime. Although the law specifies that an individual assessment should take place, in practice asylum seekers are reportedly detained according to criteria such as the availability of places in detention centres or the nationality of the asylum seeker. The UNHCR reported for instance that, among ten Pakistani asylum seekers apprehended by the Border Police for unlawful entry into Hungary in September 2013, four were sent to an open reception centre and six were detained.

Auch wir werden in dem Bericht zitiert:

The case of a group of seventy-two Afghan beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in Hungary, who left Hungary in June 2013 to seek asylum in Germany, provides an illustration of  these difficulties [124]. Following a 12 month-stay in the Bicske reception centre near Budapest (“Pre-Integration Camp”), extended for a couple of months after they had campaigned for better living conditions and integration possibilities, this group of persons, mainly composed of families with children, had to leave the centre and became homeless as the authorities could find no solution other than the placement in homeless shelters, separated from their children. The Commissioner notes that a number of subsequent transfers, including of members of this group, from Germany to Hungary were since suspended in consideration of the systemic deficiencies in the Hungarian reception system for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection [125].

[124] See Pro Asyl, Hungary: Refugees Between Detention and Homelessness – Update and supplement to the report of March 2012, April 2014(English   Translation), available at, p. 4 and p. 12.

[125] See  for  instance  Decision  no.  A  8  K  2283/13,  available  (in  German)  at: See also the report Hungary: Refugees Between Detention and Homelessness (above), p. 38, for a list of German decisions relating to returns to Hungary.