Dublin-Überstellungen von Deutschland nach Ungarn

Laut der Antwort der Bundesregierung auf eine Anfrage der Fraktion Die  Linke gab es im zweiten Quartal 2015 3.565 Übernahmeersuchen unter der Dublin-VO von Deutschland an Ungarn und  2.665 Zustimmungen durch Ungarn . Damit liegt Ungarn nun unangefochten auf dem ersten Platz vor Italien (2.305 Ersuchen). Tatsächliche Überstellungen von Deutschland nach Ungarn gab es im selben Zeitraum allerdings gerade einmal 61. Die Zahl der positiven gerichtlichen Eilentscheidungen (viele davon in unserer Recherchedatenbank) beziffert die Bundesregierung mit 268, die der negativen mit 754.

Impressionen vom Budapester Bahnhof von heute morgen

Die Budapester Stadtverwaltung hat an allen drei Budapester Bahnhöfen sog. „Transitzonen“ eingerichtet.
Der Bahnhof Keleti heute Morgen
Der Bahnhof Keleti heute Morgen
Der Bahnhof Keleti heute Morgen
Der Bahnhof Keleti heute Morgen
Die ehrenamtliche Initiative „Migration Aid“ versorgt die Leute vor Ort mit dem Nötigsten
Ungarische Polizei blockiert den Bahnsteig an dem der Zug nach München abfährt

Gov’t to tighten laws on migration

The government plans to put forward new legislation to provide a “legal seal” for Hungary’s border, after the physical fence recently erected, the justice state secretary said. The criminal code wll be tightened on regulations against human smuggling, but procedures for handling migrants will also be made faster and more efficient, Róbert Répássy told public news channel M1. He said the sanctions must have a preventive effect so that human smugglers and illegal entrants are given the message that their activities are unwelcome.He noted that although there is always chance for asylum-seekers to appeal their case, these court procedures can be expedited.
Appearing on the same programme, Bence Tuzson, spokesman for ruling Fidesz’s parliamentary group, said the new law will focus on making illegal entry and damaging the border fence criminal acts. It will also call for stricter punishments for human smuggling, he said.

The Hungary games: How Budapest evades its migrants obligations

Die Soziologieprofessorin Kim Lane Scheppele hat eine exzellente Einschätzung der gegenwärtigen Situation verfasst:

The Hungarian government is building a fence on the border with Serbia to keep out the ever-increasing flow of refugees to Europe. But just look at a map. Serbia represents a tiny slice of Hungary’s meandering southern border. If desperate asylum-seekers have traveled thousands of miles to get to Europe, a fence that runs for a little more than 100 miles won’t stop them. Why is Hungary building a small fence on a long border? The fence will divert migrants toward Croatia or Romania on their way to final destinations in the wealthier parts of Europe. And that is precisely the point. Croatia and Romania are EU member states. Serbia is not. Under the “Dublin Regulation,” the legal framework for processing asylum claims in the EU, the member state where asylum-seekers first enter the EU bears responsibility for them until their claims are processed. If Hungary diverts migrants so that they enter the EU first through other member states, then Hungary evades Dublin obligations.

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Ziviler Ungehorsam am Bahnhof Keleti

After 9 pm on Saturday night a train to Munich was stuck at the station for several hours – why? Because 200 Afghan people had been removed from the train, but refused to leave the platform and sat down to the ground. The police isolated the platform and were negotiating with the group for hours, letting the train leave four hours late from its schedule. The group was then taken inside for an official check, ensuring that all of them would be fingerprinted in Hungary.

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