European Commission opens infringement procedure against Hungary concerning its asylum law

Firstly, regarding the asylum procedures, the Commission is concerned that there is no possibility to refer to new facts and circumstances in the context of appeals and that Hungary is not automatically suspending decisions in case of appeals – effectively forcing applicants to leave their territory before the time limit for lodging an appeal expires, or before an appeal has been heard. The recast Asylum Procedures Directive establishes common procedures for granting and withdrawing international protection and sets clear rules on how to apply for asylum. It applies to all applications for international protection made in the territory, including at the border, in the territorial waters or in the transit zones of the Member States.

Secondly, regarding rights to translation and interpretation, the Commission is concerned the Hungarian law on fast-tracked criminal proceedings for irregular border crossings does not respect provisions of the Directive on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings, which ensures that every suspect or accused person who does not understand the language of the proceedings is provided with a written translation of all essential documents, including any judgment.

Thirdly, on the fundamental right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial under Article 47 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, there are concerns as to the fact that under the new Hungarian law dealing with the judicial review of decisions rejecting an asylum application a personal hearing of the applicants is optional. Judicial decisions taken by court secretaries (a sub-judicial level) lacking judicial independence also seem to be in breach of the Asylum Procedures Directive and Article 47 of the Charter.


BBC: Migrant crisis – Hungarian jails crowded by ‚illegal‘ refugees

More than 1,000 refugees, most of them from war zones in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, are detained in overcrowded Hungarian prisons or detention facilities. As of 10 November, almost 700 had been sentenced to expulsion by Hungarian courts for crossing the razor-wire fence along its southern borders. More than 200 others are detained, awaiting trial. Around 500 people are in asylum detention, a separate category under Hungarian law. The Serbian government is refusing to accept most deportees from Hungary, in protest against the fence.

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Spon: Sonderjustiz – Ungarn urteilt Flüchtlinge im Schnellverfahren ab

Richter und Anwälte eilen hektisch hin und her, Polizisten führen Gruppen von Angeklagten in Handschellen über die Flure des Amtsgerichts von Szeged. Sogenannte Grenzverletzer, Flüchtlinge, die Ungarns Grenze illegal übertreten haben, werden in der südungarischen Stadt wie am Fließband verurteilt. Die Sonderjustiz gegen Flüchtlinge findet im Mehrschichtsystem statt, sieben Tage die Woche.

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EGMR setzt Abschiebung von Österreich nach Ungarn aus

Der EMGR hat letzte Woche eine Abschiebung von Österreich nach Ungarn vorläufig ausgesetzt. Hierzu die EGMR-Pressestelle:

Dear Sir, Thank you for your email. We can confirm that last week the Court decided to apply Rule 39 (interim measures) of the Rules of Court temporarily and asked for factual information from the Austrian Government in a case concerning a Syrian national facing removal from Austria to Hungary. Interim measures are urgent measures which, according to the Court’s well-established practice, apply only where there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm. Such measures are decided in connection with proceedings before the Court without prejudging any subsequent decisions on the admissibility or merits of the case in question.With best wishes,ECHR – Press Unit“

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ORF ZIP 2 Nachrichten

Die österreichischen Abendnachrichten haben ausführlich zur Ein- und Weiterreise der Flüchtlinge aus Budapest berichtet. Wir kommen per Live-Schalte aus Budapest zu Wort.

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Zug in Wien angekommen

Nachdem 300 Flüchtlinge aus Budapest zunächst stundenlang an der Grenze warten mussten, erreichte Montagabend ein railjet mit Hunderten Flüchtlingen Wien. Neben der Polizei wurden sie auch von freiwilligen Helfern am Westbahnhof in Empfang genommen, die sie mit Mineralwasser und Obst versorgten. Trotz großen Aufgebots der Einsatzkräfte verlief die Ankunft turbulent: Kontrollen gab es vorerst praktisch keine. Auch eine genaue Zahl der Ankommenden lag noch nicht vor. Laut Polizeisprecher Roman Hahslinger sollen es aber „Hunderte“ sein.

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