Kurzberichte aus den Transitzonen

# 1: After waiting for eight months in the camps of Serbia our time to enter Hungarian transit zones had finally arrived. We came to the border two days before and were really happy. My husband died in the war in Iraq and I have to take care alone of 4 children, the youngest of them being 4 years old. When we entered the transit zones, we were taken from one container to another. First checked by police, then doctor then fingerprints. I started to get lost, and do not remember much from that day apart from being very long and hot. There was a waiting room container where we had to stay all the time and the police was at the door making sure we do not get out. My young children wanted to get out and play, but they were not allowed. We entered Hungary between 09:30-10:00 and they took us to our sector and rooms only at around 19:00. I just remember it was an exhausting day.

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