Plakate in Ungarn

Im Vorfeld der „nationalen Konsultation“ Anfang Oktober 2016 (“Wollen Sie zulassen, dass die Europäische Union bestimmen darf, dass nichtungarische Bürger in Ungarn ohne Zustimmung des nationalen Parlamentes angesiedelt werden?“) hat die Regierung das Land mal wieder mit absolut neutralen Plakaten gepflastert, um die Bevölkerung zur Teilnahme zu animieren.

Plakat 1: Wussten Sie, dass seit Beginn der Migrationskrise mehr als 300 Menschen bei Terroranschlägen in Europa ums Leben gekommen sind?

Plakat 2 und 3: Wussten Sie, dass im vergangenen Jahr eineinhalb Millionen illegale Einwanderer nach Europa gelangt sind? / Wussten Sie, dass Brüssel in Ungarn so viele illegale Einwanderer ansiedeln möchte, wie es der Bevölkerung einer ganzen Stadt entspricht?

Plakat 4: Wussten Sie, dass seit Beginn der Migrationskrise die Übergriffe auf Frauen in Europa dramatisch angestiegen sind?4

Plakat 5: Wussten Sie, dass der Terrorüberfall von Paris von Immigranten verübt wurde?

Plakat 6: Wussten Sie, dass alleine in Libyen fast eine Million Einwanderer warten, um nach Europa zu gelangen?

The Guardian: Hungarian prime minister says migrants are ‚poison‘ and ’not needed‘

“This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy: whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them,” Orban said. The populist leader added that “every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk”. “For us migration is not a solution but a problem … not medicine but a poison, we don’t need it and won’t swallow it,” he said.

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DW: Migrants stranded in Serbian no-man’s land

Migrants and refugees stranded in Serbia have gone on a hunger strike near the Hungarian border in protest against closed borders and EU restrictions. Lidija Tomic reports from the border. In recent weeks, nearly 3,000 migrants, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, have been stuck in a legal limbo all across Serbia. Their number is growing constantly since Hungary tightened its rules for asylum-seekers and decided to push back all those caught within eight kilometers of the border. Out of sheer desperation some have gone on a hunger strike to draw attention to their plight. „We will sit here and drink only water to show the desperate situation we are facing in. We are not criminals. We are all here because we have lots of problems in our own countries,“ one refugee, who recently arrived at the check point in Horgos, told DW. Budapest has deployed 10,000 police and army forces along the fence and limited the number of daily admissions to a maximum of 30, leaving hundreds of migrants stranded in the transit zone between the two countries.

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BBC: Hungary deploys army to push migrants back to Serbia

A massive security operation, involving up to 10,000 police and soldiers, is under way along Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, to keep out migrants and refugees.

Last week a 10-year-old Afghan boy drowned while trying to wash in a pond nearby. His mother walks aimlessly through the camp with her other children, too sad to speak to anyone. The UNHCR is mediating with the Serbian and Hungarian authorities about where to bury the dead boy.

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Hungarian Border Closure Hits Serbian Refugee Efforts

Humanitarian aid groups supporting refugees in the Serbian capital Belgrade are warning that they are being stretched by the increasing numbers returning from the closed border with Hungary as well as those arriving from Bulgaria and Macedonia, hoping to reach western Europe.  “A lot of those people from the Hungarian border are coming back to Belgrade and we, along with several other organisations, are distributing food for them and also for the newcomers,” Tijana Sijaric, a humanitarian worker at the Info Park aid centre in Belgrade, told BIRN. The increased numbers have put pressure on their limited resources, she said. “On Sunday, we almost had a riot here since we could not provide a meal for everyone. It was not good at all,” she added.

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Migrants stuck in squalor at Hungary-Serbia border

UN agencies in Serbia now report that, as a result of the new law, the number of refugees and migrants on the Serbian side of the border has doubled over the past few days to more than 1,300, most of them women and children. The UN said that some 800 asylum-seekers are waiting in the open on Serbian territory outside the Hungarian transit zone, “where overall conditions, particularly lack of shelter, health and sanitation represent major challenges”.

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HHC: Hungary: Key Asylum Figures as of 1 July 2016

  • In the first four months of the year, only 228 asylum-seekers were granted protection.

  • [O] on 20 June, 1.489 asylum-seekers were accommodated at open reception centres (in Bicske, Vámosszabadi, Körmend and Balassagyarmat). On 20 June, 734 first-time asylum-seekers were detained in specific “asylum jails” (in Békéscsaba, Kiskunhalas and Nyírbátor).

  • In the first five months of the year only 300 asylum-seekers were sent back to Hungary under a so-called Dublin procedure, primarily from Germany (144) and Switzerland (44).

  • Between 15 September 2015 and 26 June 2016, 2.839 persons were tried at court out of which 2.792 were convicted for the “prohibited crossing of the border closure”.

Ungarische Regierung: The police and army are prepared for the new border protection system, says Chief Security Advisor

National Police Commissioner Károly Papp told reporters that 826 people had attempted to illegally cross the border between midnight on Monday and midday on Tuesday. Patrolling police and border control officers prevented 675 attempts at illegal entry, while the remaining 151 people were apprehended within the eight-kilometre zone and escorted back to the border; all the illegal immigrants cooperated with police.

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